i haven't got a lot, only the feeling that stole me away in the store, i always hope that is enough.

i don't have anymore time and i think it's best that way. there are little stars where you used to be, the universe knocked you silly silly away and you left only because of that.

how still can you sit let's play that game because everyone is good at nothing.

it was so warm in the car i feel like i should live inside things that move i feel like i only belong there that is my home isn't it, as long as you are there. moving. i grew up in motion always so that is how i want to be, too many years in one place leaves me feeling a little lost. i don't like to know anywhere that well.

it still hurts, i do not like to drive into town and remember trips to the hospital, to remember rain on the windshield and the city lights reflection. i loved it of course, the lights, the small droplets and how even the sky was crying for you but it just doesn't go away. you were so much smaller after that, i haven't felt safe in just as long and i can only sleep in cars. i can only really sleep while i am travelling.

it is so cold anymore and i don't welcome snow this year. winter is perfect when you are sharing it with someone (i would suppose you can argue most things are), right now i feel it seeping into every aspect of life and it is just too cold, too 'look the leaves are changing the weather is changing but you', you are still the same.