I love fireworks shows, but when you attempt to put one on yourself, it tends not to go so well, especially if you just buy random fireworks, not knowing what each might do. For example, being that it is Canada Day today, we thought we'd celebrate with these fireworks we bought next door from the drunkin' guy who runs the gas station there. We bought about seventy dollars worth..

Since we didn't want to light anything on fire (ie: the barn, the house, trees, and the like), we headed out to the hay field behind the house. (He-he.) We had a pail of muddy dirt stuff to light them off in, too. The mosquitoes are particularly thick tonight, so I'm feeling a bit weak at this point after losing about half of the blood that was in me prior to the little fireworks adventure. Though, I honestly didn't notice all the bites I got until I came in because I was too excited about all of the pretty neat little lights!

Anyway, as it has happened every other time we tried to put on our own little fireworks show, it really sucked. Half of the fireworks only let out one little blast of light'y goodness, and only one made any sort of real loud noise. But still, I'm pumped, because it was cool and stuff and the light was all over and duuuude there was colour and shit everywhere! It was fun though, but somewhat disappointing. I'd been wanting to go to the fireworks at the beach tonight but it didn't happen. Ah well..

What I'm saying here is, don't expect much from little home displays unless you actually know what to buy for fireworks. It's still a good way to get the whole family outside and to share a little blood with the insect population.

Someone decided to bring our dog out (he's afraid of rustling garbage bags, nevermind loud bursts of light), he pretty much just freaked out the entire time. My family is full of nutcases.. and my dog is a giant idiot. Ah well, gotta love 'em.. happy canada day everyone. :)