You can't do it, you can't do THAT. You can't say hey sleep, yeah dude, you suck, so like, yeah. It is not your right, you can't tell sleep it's not worthy, you can't rage at sleep with unholy intensity just because YOU don't happen to LIKE sleep. WELL LET ME TELL YOU, sleep doesn't like YOU either, mister SMARTY PANTS. (Or mrs., respectively, like in pac man).

AND ANOTHER THING. Mrs. PacMan LOVES sleep, you hear me and she won't let you keep it from everyone, and niether will Mr. PacMan because he loves Mrs. PacMan 'cause she gives him pac'y head. (Have you seen the size of her mouth? YEAH, think about that one, spanky. Though.. she doesn't kind of chomp down and.. well, yeah. Whatever, you know?)

Seriously, though, I don't want to see any of this nonsensical, unfounded VIOLENCE AGAINST SLEEP. Well, I guess it's not really violence, it's blessed angst or something. Sleep is very fragile, as are the emotions of people who love sleep but don't get enough of it. So, yeah, like, don't do that and shit you know just leave the sleep alone man just back the hell off.

You can't tell sleep reputation to go down, it goes wherever it wants and there ain't nobody gonna stop it you hear me 'cause it's got the bomb.. no, no that's the United States, but I hear they're close, like real tight and shit so watch yourself man.

Duuuddde, you gotta see the sun it's like wave'y and shit on the highway or sommethinnnng. Tripppppppy.