This goes along with the theory that being intelligent means you'll question everything, you won't be able to accept, just be, and therefore nothing can be true.

A friend of mine wrote a little song about it (either that or he ripped it off), it mentioned wanting to learn how to be 'stupid', just so that something would seem real, true. I guess that's impossible, but it does have some merit. There are two ways of looking at it..

Truth is necessary.
Is it, though? Does believing that truth exists happen to be the only way to have a decent life (that is, somewhat devoid of endless confusion)? I wonder if it's perhaps more tied into having a belief system. I'd venture to say that it is possible to have a system of beliefs and still question them, in fact it's probably good to always challenge. To me, truth doesn't seem to be necessary, but it can be a foundation, maybe the only one, for beliefs that are..

Truth doesn't exist?
Perhaps this would be an attitude for the cynics to adopt, I think. It seems that everything can be looked at from more than one viewpoint, and it's nearly impossible to decide which is right sometimes. What's true to one person, is false to another. Does this mean we have many truths, or no truth at all?

Sometimes, though I'm not saying I'm overly intelligent, I wish that I could be just a little less thought'y. I even go as far as to envy, on occasion, those who can follow any organized religion so blindly as to accept all that it is. (Though, I'm not so sure such people exist, at least not in great numbers.)

I've heard there is truth in simplicity. Nothing is as simple as it seems.