The Counting Crows released their third album, This Desert Life in November of 1999 on Interscope records, after what was, to me, an excruciatingly long wait. I've been a fan since I saw them on SNL way back when Mr. Jones was a huge hit, and it seems they space their album releases out just enough to drive me insane. I didn't even think they'd put one out, aside from "August and Everything After", because they took so long to release "Recovering the Satellites".

"This Desert Life" is actually a pretty amazing album, much more than I'd expected from them, too. There are a couple tracks that don't impress me too entirely much, but for the most part it's quite nice.

Track Listing:
1.  Hangin' Around - 4:07 
2.  Mrs. Potter's Lullaby - 7:46 
3.  Amy Hit the Atmosphere - 4:36 
4.  Four Days - 3:28 
5.  All My Friends - 4:49 
6.  High Life - 6:20 
7.  Colorblind - 3:23 
8.  I Wish I Was a Girl - 5:53 
9.  Speedway - 3:44 
10. St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream - 15:40 
"Hangin' Around" is pretty upbeat, as are a number of the other tracks, but "Amy Hit the Atmosphere" and "Colorblind" seem more August and Everything After-ish.

They re-vamped their entire webpage for the release, and actually did a really good job, it looks better than it has in quite some time. The album cover for "This Desert Life" is kind of dreamy, with the fishbowl head, and whatnot.