The thing with sayings, is that they are often automatically interpreted as that which they've come to represent, or insinuate. So, if I were to have tears streaming from my eyeball due to the presence of a little piece of parsley or even the traditional speck of dust, I'd likely be overwhelmed by words of comfort from concerned citizens. Of course it wouldn't be in relation to the actual cause of my tears, and I guess you can't scorn well-wishers, but, still. I dislike being interrogated about emotional trauma that doesn't exist, you know? Any way, I just think that people should consider words, phrases, and even ideas more thoroughly, as to avoid such complications. Life throws enough at humans to keep them busy for all eternity, too bad they don't catch it all because half the time they're turned around dealing with something insignificant, like a misinterpreted comment. See "unbelievably gay".