There are rules for playing pool? Woops.

I always consider it an extreme accomplishment if I can so much as get the ball into the pocket (that's what they're called, isn't it?), nevermind all of this other stuff about hitting the other persons ball. Pool is more fun when you pretend you know what you're doing, at least when you really suck at it.

Every couple of weekends we (my family) all go out and hang out around some pool tables for a while. My mother hits the cue ball off the table at least seven or eight times in a game, and I tick the edge of the ball just enough to make it roll an inch at least once. It's beautiful stupidity, awful playing, copious amounts of fun. We laugh a lot. I could care less if I'm actually playing properly or if anyone else does.. unless of course it effects my chances of winning!

I guess my family is kind of strange, though.. we never ever play any game seriously, something stupid always ends up happening and it turns into nothing more than a way to get a good laugh. (Either that or people end up really mad at eachother, and my parents don't take us to do that particular thing anymore..)

I guess I could see people who selectively follow the rules of pool being annoying, but what about those who completely disregard them? That's me!