When the temperature is decent, but not too hot, it's alright to take your little critter outside for a while. There are a few things you have to keep in mind, though, if you decide to partake in this activity:

  • Hamsters can run quite fast, so keep it very close to you, possibly even under its cage top if it's handy.
  • The world will seem huge to such a tiny little thing, keep that in mind, it will probably be pretty scared at first.
  • Make sure the place you're going to be playing with it outside is hamster-safe. That is, nowhere it might hurt itself, and away from any obvious danger.
  • They like to eat grass, and they can, it won't hurt them so long as there are no chemicals on it. You have to be in a clean area as well, or they may contract an illness.
The best place to play with your hamster outside is on nice green grass so that as they adjust they can munch a little. They also love clover, so if there are any clover patches around, feel free to set the little guy there. Sitting beside your hamster so that it can walk along-side your leg is a good idea, they like to be against something, it makes them feel protected, and you can keep a better eye on it. They generally don't try to run away from you if you're sitting in the middle of nowhere, it's too scary for them, but watch closely anyway.

They like to go outside once in a while, just be very careful. If they got lost out there, you likely wouldn't ever see them again, and they're quite susceptible to neighborhood cats or any other natural predators of rodents.