forgetting every word that has ever slipped past these lips, liquid silk, there is very little holding me here. it is easy to simply pretend it all away and fill the space with an overwhelming sadness. i used to mistake the slow creeping electricity slithering up my spine as embarrassment. this amuses me now with the darkness clinging to my skin, simply waiting for the end, as if this were a film.

i try to remember finger painting and crayons and whether or not i was always so dramatic.

foot after foot along the sandy path i imagine stone eating dragons in the clouds, wondering if they are quite finished now. the tiny particles settle through the holes in my shoes and i recall his presence and the great swirling of dust that marked his every step. treading so lightly all this time, i find it is comforting to be in the presence of those who carry themselves this way.

i've set my clock ahead, so it is two a.m. now. i needed to lose a few hours.