it's gloomy, overcast, little water droplets covering most all of my plant life. i created their rain. i am feeling uneasy, unsettled, almost distant. it's been growing inside of me this past week, stifled only temporarily with reality and half moons pressing in around the thought.

you know we all need saving.

silence. all encompassing silence and, why is the universe enveloped in penetrating quiet now, when i want it to be so the very least. even with the anything but peaceful music screaming loudly at me i feel, withdrawn, and it is still too blank. nothingness abound. and i am thinking, crashing asleep dizzy drunk, always.

you know you lost your mind.

i look up now and see greens clashing, red stripe white cross line and.. flat, plastic, breathing plastic. it is too real, they are, and i pause to take in the fact that i, moving, living flesh, seem less than they must be most times.

is everyone okay?

he called out of no where, and i slipped into most beautiful reality, melted, i always do when i realize.. the stars listened. all tears were not lost to the night.

my best friend got her finger caught in a conveyer belt and crushed today. she seems almost non-chalant about it, for some reason.. trying to prove something? or maybe she's just like that, i guess. i would probably have flipped out.. it's in a splint thing now, it looks almost cute for some reason.

i guess he won't be around so much for a while. going to be more missing than i care to deal with, but deal i shall. and of course, things are really not so bad, as they could always be worse, or some such stuff. mustn't grumble.