sleep walk to street sounds, and something is pulling me, towards peach coloured lights and silhouettes, but i know we've no mountains there. the horses were awake i'm sure, before i had thought of crawling from an inconsistent rest, backwards peculiar dreams. in an instant it seemed entire universe fell into place but was marked only by an intensity in the daymorninglight.

breath hasn't been coming so easily to me as of late and i've tossed the idea of asthma around again but, am not so sure. just want to feel or sleep longer than i might.

so i have walked, and will most likely
continue to do so, to a certain point
along the sidewalk towards the church.
there is a tree that i've watched,
periodically, have brought myself to
see its progression into fall. to watch
the glowing yellows, oranges, the brown
and now, nothing. it is so naked.

this room looks so pretty bathed in soft orange light.

when you're gone..

i still am here and, the universe is alive i still breathe but nothing is the same. that you could see each little vein as the sun slides through it, each tiny perfect blemish on the leaves, and i am sitting atop a leaf. remembered raindrops.. the way that you fell into me.