i've never had words for anyone else, never as i do now, somehow the feelings almost spill properly from time to time and i think it is almost possible you might know just how lost i am for you. i blink, and i hold my eyelids closed, float in thoughts of everything that you are..

i am somewhat completely exhausted tonight, but not in the conventional manner, i am sleepy somehow, and will rest, some time.

i think that perhaps today is going to be not nearly as beautiful as yesterday, but i've also the feeling that i will smile muchly, despite the aching in my heart as i do miss him greatly.

these things all end.. who asked you, anyway?

i know i should have at least slightly more motivation than i do at present as i have almost none, but still, i mind not the leetle things scattered about the floor waiting for me to return them to their proper place. as many of them have no place at all, they'll just be pushsed aside temporarily, gather dust, keep me company those times when i can't seem to find solace without slipping deep into my own head.

sometimes, i need this. this alone time when i accomplish more or phenomenally less than i should, both mentally and in terms of material matter organized and circle, silver cleanliness taunts me.

i found them, through missing tears, without you, i found them. thank you.