lately, when i write it is as if i'm playing music, piano, to be more specific. not as though i did when i took lessons or, didn't really know or think i could play anything beautiful.. it's as if i could take on most any piece of music and to perfection. there is no sound but for clicking keys, but it means everything.

plants are surprising me with growth, so much growth.. they all seem to be thriving. i only wish that i had more sun to give to them. there are so many baby spider plants awaiting transplanting, but i've not the soil to do such stuff, nor am i sure where to put all of them afterwards.. will think of something soon, hopefully. the tender green stem of my cuban tree is looking more and more like wood grain every day, it's a tree, after all. but still, it looks so odd to see my leafy green plants against white when it snows, which it has been off and on. the woody stem makes me wonder if the cuban tree shouldn't be dropping its leaves along with the outsiders. today the sun is out and i am quite sure we won't be seeing any white stuff.

listening to the new radiohead.. it's drawing, almost, have to listen to.. i don't know, aside from it, and 'strange days' (matthew good band), nothing seems to create a decent backdrop to my thoughts. frustrating..

i miss him so much, but am almost too tired to put much energy into the missing today. heh i was up relatively early due to a ringing phone, and went to bed fairly late, so it's catching up to me. i guess he will be home today.. but gone again, on friday. oh woe.

my wrist is feeling better, today..