at the risk of sounding insensitive, or hypocritical, or anything along those lines, i've noticed an increasing number of people suggesting lately (in day logs, life in general, i am not singling anyone out), that suicide is becoming their only option. well, suicide is not an option. there are a lot of depressed people wandering around the planet, a lot. i am one of them.

it can't get better if you aren't here. you can't make something of your life if you are not living it. it might be extremely hard, it might be mind numblingly exhausting just to wake up in the morning.. but you need to wake up, and you need to live. it sometimes won't feel like you are living at all. it doesn't matter. do it anyway.

if you know that you are clinically depressed (if you think you are), that you can't handle this on your own, get help. if help is talking, then talk. if help is medication, at least try it. you would be amazed how many people are willing to just talk to you about everything that is hurting or listen to you ramble about everything and nothing because you don't know why it hurts or why it doesn't feel at all.

what i am trying to say is this.. this world is really fucked up, especially with these new fucked up developments. people care about you. even if you don't know them, where they are, or anything at all, they care.

i am trying to be simple, trying, anyway. i struggle every day of my life trying to figure this out and it gets beyond anywhere i want to be quite often. it is not an option. there are people who will be there for you (as best they can), and if that fact is all you have to hold onto, then never let go. i love eyes. all eyes. do not close yours forever.

this sounds like some sort of public service announcement, i guess. i wrote it partly for myself.