this has been arguably the most interesting week of my entire life, and it has in fact been approximately a week since i arrived in boston. i have never had the pleasure of meeting so many people that totally threw me. i'm sure when i finally make it back home i'll have time to detail things, to mention exactly why it is i'm so caught up in all of this.. it would seem as though e2 just reminds me of something less than enticing in the emotional stability department.

people i've met (noders)...

masukomi: amazingly wonderful insanely precious little human. more on this later.

cahla: so nice. she just seemed so cute and amiable and i am very glad we got the chance to meet, though i was mostly sleep sitting the entire time.

drunkenmonkey: and/or jesus. he is so sweet and funny. he walked beside me while masu and her long legs left me behind frequently (though i really didn't mind, honestly).

WickerNipple: he shook my hand and introduced himself as WickerNipple. i found that very.. something. such a personality. hilarious.. interesting walk. ....penis mirror.

perdedor: admittedly we didn't exchange many words but he has a nice smile and seems genuine and very neat. i really wasn't expecting to meet him at all as i did not know that he even lived in the area.

yossarian: "wow". so, so, so nice. so friendly and interesting and intelligent and he took us to the dreamiest places and i absolutely adore him. by far one of the most enrapturing people i've ever come into contact with.

i've met numerous other people, i think that's it for noders though. i've done things i'd not even thought of doing, been on trains, subways, in taxi's, on a plane.. it's all very crazy to me, but for some reason it seems right.

i'll write more later.. when i'm home probably.

i am so in love. (more on this later, too.)