so i do want to write, always, i want to write new worlds and create lives that are not too entirely like (or different from) mine. i am not sure what to do with myself or anyone else for that matter. there are things too far beyond my control.. why do i need to control anything, i wonder. perhaps this less than firm grip i have on myself and sanity in general is just weakening as of late.

so i layed on my bed and stared up at water'y ceilings and sang along to the same song over and over until i could write something.

you are home now but i do not feel any comfort in your presence, instead i am just worried. i know you will have trouble staying still. i know you will hide things you shouldn't.

i am not so tired.. i am just in need of things that i can not have right now. it seems to manifest itself as exhaustion..

make it go away.

did you know, that upon reaching a certain
level on e2, you will be prone to receiving
more cools, but less votes overall? i think
it is true, perhaps.. kind of peculiar how
such stuff happens. fortunately, most people,
upon reaching a higher level, have decided
the experience system doesn't mean anything
anyway, and what might be complaints are simply
idle observations.


bless the weirdos