So, I've had this cold right and it's sort of been slipping away, clearing up, I feel a lot better. And then, just now, I blow my nose and what is there but fluorescent'y yellow substance upon my tissue. Hmm.. what does this mean, I ask myself, and what is this pain in the side of my neck?

And yet, I've no desire to seek medical attention because they've done nothing but f*#$ with me in the past any way. So, are there any e2.doctors? I need an online diagnosis. I also need an online prescription from an e2.pharmacist (a drug dealer, if you will), if my diagnosis isn't a good one.

Is there a MEDICAL HORRORS META-NODE? There should be, if there isn't, I've got a few choice stories. *grumbles*

Any way, should I be concerned about this strange substance or is it simply an after effect of the radioactive waste I was munching on last week? Is it true that this odd stuff might be the result of an infection of some sort? And the pain in my neck, is this just from standing on my head for too long? I need answers.