i feel fine enough i guess, considering everything's a mess

thank you, for not being here. it proved to me what i've wondered all along.. there is really only one thing that is important to you. i'm sure you're perfectly aware of what that thing is.. i'll be there for you if you let me, if you need me to be, but not because you deserve it. i'll do it because i am me, and that is how i am. sweet turnning sour, and untouchable

the first night back was hard, you were there, and though i have known all along that you are this to me everything, thank you for cradling my head, and being you. you are one of very few things that remind me i am strong enough for this. i am never alone, thank you.

so, after settling in, and it was a rough tumble'y settle, it's okay. yes. eet is.