sometimes i love it here and other times i wonder who everyone really is and why they do the things that they do and how they can all be so transparent. so awfully transparent.

so i'm away from home and i miss it but i don't want to be there, i don't really want to be here, i want to be in between everything and swimming or flying or just not touching any damn ground. damn the ground. sometimes you love it and other times it just shouldn't be.

i'm tired of linking. is that bad? probably. link and link.

there are interesting people here. mike makes me laugh just because. and he's cute. he has these interesting facial expressions and i am fond of the way he walks. i don't really know what he thinks of me, i don't really know what he thinks at all. jared is important but i don't know why.

day lo g s. so much quality control. q u a l i t y.

dear phyllis stein: i miss you, it's true.