My computer is seriously on the fritz, I think. My monitor keeps flashing every so often, and I've had many freeze ups, but no blue screens of death, oddly. Ah well, what're you going to do? If this monitor goes, I'll be kind of scr3w3d because I don't have another laying around any where..

This illness is still hanging around and has taken my voice away to some strange place, I can just barely talk, and I sound pretty comical. He-he. Ahh.. I wrote an everything2 will, just in case I don't pull through this most hideous of colds.

I cooked some spaghetti sauce today, which took much effort from my weak body, I even started sweating a bit while I was grating cheese. I think that's probably one of those big signs that you should be sleeping instead of trying to do things, when you start sweating while doing those really low exertion activities. I used an entire clove of garlic in the sauce, too, because my brain urged me to do so, insisting it might aid in my recovery. (I even minced it myself, Chef Hamster Bong!)

My ISP is being a complete piece of sh#*it, I think they implemented a disconnect when idle for more than five seconds thing.. well, I've got my e-mail checking every minute now, take that ISP! TAKE THAT! I wish that every ISP around here wasn't so terribly lame and/or expensive.

I've noticed everyone mentioning birthday and yossarian, and then it occurred to me that it's either his birthday today or some time in the near future/recent past (I do recall mention of it being this week.. I think). So.. happy birthday yossarian, you dreamy little human. If I wasn't feeling so terrible I'd think of something really neat to do in celebration..instead, I'll just stare off in the general direction of New York and think of some good wishes for the wind to deliver.