I'm still feeling quite "under the weather", though my throat is not quite as aggrivated as it was, thankfully. I no longer need to sip water incessantly to soothe a swollen throat.. everything is evening out again, at least as far as the cold goes.

I'm alone again today, and though I don't mind it does make a gloomy day seem just a bit colder, just a bit less welcoming when there is no one around to share it with. I find my mind drifts to the past whenever a day is like this, probably because it holds not much as far as thought'y content is concerned.

The white noise I'm listen to today is somewhat depressing, though it has a tinge of a compassion I so desperately need, and there is something comforting about it, perhaps it lies in the familiarity. This past weekend was a bit much for me, I'm still feeling distant, withdrawn, something is amiss, though it's not too entirely terrible, just a little off. I don't like being sick, it tends to destroy my thought process, and the haze'y feeling the pressure in my sinuses creates leaves me a bit less than conversational.

There are a few things I need to accomplish this week, mainly because I've been putting them off for far too long.. I'm not too entirely sure why, I just haven't bothered yet: About a half an hour ago, I had the urge to sketch.. I've always been partial to pencil sketching, I just haven't really bothered with it in a while. I was sorely disappointed by the fact that we don't have a decent pencil in this house, and secondly that by the time I found a pencil, my inspiration had left and I ended up putting the paper back and coming to write this day log.

I'm going to try and node a bit more factual content in the next little while, as soon as I find little pieces of knowledge that might be worthy of sharing, explaining, and whatnot.

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I'm just here to watch the world, rather than be an active participant. There seems to be an awful lot going on in the universe that I'm not involved with.. leaving me pondering whether or not I'm actually involved with anything significant at all. And then it hit me..

"WHACK!!! You've just been whacked by a pillow! Forward this to everyone to start Pillow Fight 2000!!"

A mass icq url forward.. I've just been pulled unwillingly into some strange cyber ritual, frightening to say the least. Why do people forward ICQ url things, with no URL? Ah well, I'm not entirely sure who that person was.. but I responded with the following:

"Was that pillow fight url forward a metaphor, a euphemism? Are you insinuating we should overthrow the government and set all of the criminals crowding our prisons free? Think of the implications, man! It's not sane! Please, reconsider.. such actions could have serious ramifications! Instead, why not just sip from the great cup of life, embrace the light, you know? I'll see you on the flip side."

Time to venture forth into the cold of the day, perhaps do something useful with my time. Actually, I need to clean up the house..

Ch-ching. End of daylog, please insert a quarter into floppy drive to go on living after this text has left your monitor. In the event that a floppy drive is not available, a cdrom will suffice.