Rather than trying to write my daylog in coherent sentences yesterday, I opted to write random pointform notes of interest in a notepad file and get around to that today. So, here it goes.. my (yester)day:

I missed Eean like crazy all day long, thought about him constantly and thus my afternoon and evening went exceptionally well with the presence of him being prominant.

My morning though, oh the hilarity of a morning on a construction site with my dad, my brother and my uncle, it's a family business, I suppose. I actually ended up working yesterday, something I hadn't done in quite some time and it was quite boring but also had its good points. I managed to slack off pretty hardcore, though the job I have on such occasions isn't exactly labour intensive even when I'm working what would be considered "hard", I guess. I spent the majority of the time dancing around (really) and singing funny little songs and shooting at people with the staple gun. I think of myself as sort of a comic relief at jobsites, because I'm really not that adept at any of the work that goes on. I mean, I'm not useless either but I do tend to make the job a lot more fun.

My brother dropped a roll of poly (plastic) through a hole and into the wet cement in the basement. I ran to the corner of the room and started whistling innocently, as the people pouring the cement were still there. We were laughing pretty hard, and they finally noticed it, grumbled a bit and then got it out for us. I love going to work with my dad and my uncle, I like to act like an idiot and laugh when they shake their heads at my total disregard for what I'm actually supposed to do. Mind you, I did run back and forth checking random thingies in the truck for my uncle when he was up on our make-shift scaffolding.

A note from today: I ended up going to sleep around 12:30am and not waking up til around 11:30am. It was nice, I got a lot of much-needed sleep last night. This day log is done I guess, though I probably forgot a lot of funny stuff I might add later. My June 13, 2000 daylog.. however.. wooo. Going to be a good way to vent some of this hilarious stuff that has went on so far.