Skipped a daylog yesterday, this is mostly because I wrote most interesting day occurrences in an e-mail to you, thusly leaving nothing but content that wasn't so worthy of a repeat that I should have bothered to type it up again. Still smiling.

I cooked some rice this morning, managed to mess it up but it still tasted pretty decent all in all. It was too wet, though.. wonder how I always mess things up like that.

I wanted to go into town tonight but it turns out my uncle and aunt are coming by, which is *highly* annoying. ho-hum. Oh well.

I'm just sleepy today. Sleepy and not too entirely full of any dreamy content. Actually, once again, I poured any thought'y matter worth writing about into an email, so there is nothing left at present.

I can't say that this day was terrible because I'd be lying but I'm just frustrated for some reason, maybe tired.. I'll probably wander off to sleep in a little while. I did a lot of biking today, sort of a lot, anyway, it probably just seemed like a lot because it's all I really did.. heh help me, oh help help i need some sort of life or something.

I'm going to go read and write. I'll have a decent daylog tomorrow.