Watering plants is something I must do, more watering that is, I think the summer heat is setting in a bit, and they're thirsty leetle things. It's odd how little summer we've had this year so far, I've a feeling it will come in late and surprise us all. I don't particularly enjoy the heat but I guess it's bound to happen despite my feelings on the matter.

I hurt my shoulder somehow, possibly rolling around in the grass, but it was oh so fun and worth it despite unwelcome slightly annoying pain.

The baby bunnies are getting bigger, which I like not for they aren't our bunnies really, my sister is raising them for someone else. He will probably end up selling them for meat.. I don't think I can let that happen. I may have to hide them all somewhere. This is precisely the reason that I wish I were vegetarian, I always feel hypocritical saying that people shouldn't eat bunnies, when in all reality anything I get close to is going to seem like non good food'y matter. It's sort of similar to the fact that I can be sad when a bunch of people are killed in a plane crash, but I didn't know them so it won't effect me quite so much as it would if they were people I knew on a personal level. Of course, I can still feel loss there, but it's just not going to be the same. Bleh.

This day is.. too much for me I don't know how much more of this intense happy, overwhelming feeling I can take. I never want it to stop, but I also think it's taking every last bit of energy from my body and pouring it into these emotions that I can't even describe. I don't think I knew these feelings existed.

I keep sitting here and cradling my head in my hands, wondering at the fact that you could be, and that you would care to even think twice about someone like me. I feel so out there like I'm letting you in more than I've let others in, and more quickly.. it's frightening. I love you, so much but every time I want to tell you I crumble because I can't believe how strongly I feel, and I'm scared, not of loving you, but something else, maybe I just need to let things happen and not fret. I'm always scared but, not like this.. I want this to be more real than anything in my life has ever been. I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone but me, I just know that above all it is what I want.

I guess I have some things to do today, I guess I should get doing them soon.
note: *ahem*. Thanks to those who would pollute my innocent grass rolling with sexual implications! I was ALONE in the grass, thank you very much, it was harmless frolicking.. heh.