Sunday's are like that, sometimes.. quiet, dreamy it's.. a wind down day, I suppose, and I never expect much from it. It seems days of the week tend to adhere to the general opinion of what each should be, but it depends entirely on what it is you do during the week. I tend not to care what day it is, I rarely even remember anymore, simply because I've no set list of things to do at any given time. My days are striking in the area of similarity, and yet, very different from one to the next. I always seem to take something new from each day, and have a billion different thoughts. I guess it's because I have so much time to think.

I'm quite intensely happy about getting to hang out with my cousin last night, I'd missed him a lot. My birthday party went quite well, really, regardless of the number of people who managed to make it. I was given some neat little earthly possessions (including but not limited to a new book in which to write thought'y matter). I was given money, too, but it really doesn't mean a thing to me.. I smiled much more at the e-mails a few people sent. Oh, and my phone call from Luke that I mentioned in yesterday's daylog. That was great, oh so great, I love leetle lukehead, and katy even talked to me, she's all sweet and stuff. Thank you muchly to all those who made my day just a bit dreamier, but I'd like to say that most everyone who did manages to do the same every day anyway.

My uncle's girlfriend had her twins. They had to induce because her liver started to fail, and both babies had to be revived at birth and are in incubator's at present. I hope that works out for them both, I hope beyond anything that it does because I don't even want to think about how terrible it would be if things didn't go well.. moving right along.

I ate a piece of birthday cake a little while ago because I didn't think mixing sweet foods with alcohol last night would have done me very well. I really hope I can adhere to my stop drinking thing, it's so infinitely not what I like to do with myself. It just happens, or somethin'. Yeesh.

I'm kind of sleepy.. day is only about half way through, if not a bit less depending on when I venture to dreamland, so I'll add to this later...

What an achingly beautiful evening, just mind numbingly gorgeous and calming and so soothing, if only you'd been here it might have been just that much better. I can't complain though you should have seen the way the sky was so blue and pink, and as I walked up the hill the three horses in the pen nearest the barn took off in a run. It looked much like a painting come to life, but so much more than that it was amazing and I tend to agree with what Orion said, after I told this leetle story in #e: "It's things like that that you can only see when you have no way of capturing the memory other than in your head."

This day, it is almost over.. mm, I thought of some text to write whilst I was showering but I've probably forgotten most of it. We'll see, we'll see..