Oh sweet lord, why didst thou let me into the alcohol again? I'm officially giving up alcohol today. It no longer enthuses me at all.. I just feel sick after I drink it. Lead me to the kool aid and juice, this alcoholic stuff is terrible. My mother mixed some drinks for me with milk in them (note that I'm still pretty drunkish at present but at least I'm coherent). Being that I've developed a lactose intolerance quite nicely, the milk combined with ridiculously strong alochol left me feeling pretty sick. (Especially considering I hadn't eaten very much today.) So, I shall consider this my swearing off of alcohol, permanently. I've always thought it was intensely stupid anyway, so might as well start listening to myself..

My birthday party for tomorrow is off, because no one could make it and I don't feel like rescheduling it. I'll just sit around on IRC, and the like, as per usual.. it might be good, good enough, anyway.

I need to stay awake, considering I don't want to go to sleep in a drunk type state. Sorry for talking about the drinking so much, it's stupid. I know. Stupid, stupid. heh

I'm listening to "Farside" at present.. my friend introduced me to them just today.. neat stuff. I edited the swear'y words out of here, I think they weren't liked much.

Ahh.. it's actually about an hour later that I'm continuing this, and though I'm very tired, the alcohol'y feeling is mostly gone. Praise jeebus.

I'll add to this later.. got some stuff to say but don't feel like babbling anymore at present.