So very tired, this machine grows weary so easily these days, seems to require more and more recharging time.

Pseudo_Intellectual came to visit today, taking time from his travels to make his way out here, even though it was for a short while. It went so quickly, perhaps because my mother wouldn't quit talking his ear off but, well..

It was peculiar, in ways he was exactly as I'd expected, others not so much. Lovely and intelligent and friendly and all that.. and the large words weren't nearly as scary as I'd thought they might be (I have to wonder if he toned it down at all, though). :) He brought with him perhaps the most interesting hat I've seen in quite some time.. and a mix tape which I've yet to hear but am looking forward to as soon as I can bring myself to stand up and fall three feet towards the cassette player.

I haven't daylogged in quite some time, but it felt somehow appropriate just now. It was an enjoyable day despite all of the anxiety leading up to it.. I am a silly person, so quick to worry and fret.

And at least I learned my lesson about water'y corn and finally actualized a banana bomb. Deadly... delicious! I'll have to try it again some time with various stages of banana ripeness, perhaps mix and match ingredients. I could see caramel being interesting in there.. the mess factor would increase dramatically, but oh, soo tasty.

I suppose that is all for now.. thank you for visiting, mister.. it was really nice to meet you. :)