This day, has been and is still quite odd. I thought I saw a lost soul floating in air.. I saw it but I couldn't quite determine whose it might have been, it wasn't mine, not yours. Perhaps it belonged to one gone before a time most thought they'd be there for.. foolish, foolish.. little humans who would suggest that they know when someone's time might have been completed. Is there really a time to die that could be classified as "right" by anyone? I'm not so sure..

Things I wanted to say today, but did not, will not..

"Don't eminate with false concern as if you are the saviour of those who only hurt your stupid plight to fit in, he didn't really love you. When will you figure that out? You can't help someone who doesn't care about anyone but themselves."

"We're all sad sometimes, just look outside.. the sky is even gloomy today. I wish you wouldn't rely on one thing for all of your happiness."


We watched "Gun Shy" today, and though I missed the beginning I thought it was a pretty cool movie. I like the proverb about the strawberries that Sandra Bullock says somewhere in there, and the general message of the whole thing is dreamy.. it's funny, too, if not disturbing in some places.

My uncle won the Steer Wrestling portion of the Calgary Stampede, Daryl Fisher.. he gets $50,000. Crazy, but oh so sweet. I dislike rodeos in general, but it's still cool that he won. I'm sure they need the money.. it costs a fortune to be in rodeos and travel all over the place. I've to go watch him on TV now.. I'll update this daylog later.