I am..

Thoroughly exhausted. Smiling, a bit. Happy. Confused, as per usual. Drawn to a little human who is quite far from me, but oh so dreamy. In need of a drink.

Today, I.. (in no particular order)

Woke up early due to the smell of bleach. Played pool, very badly. Weaseled my way out of a birthday party that I was far too tired to attend. Went to Pizza Hut, and made a fool of myself in the best possible way. Sang songs in the car on the way to and from the city, including but not limited to "The Little Drummer Boy", "Rubber Ducky". Thought about things a lot. Received an e-mail that made me smile. Felt like I wasn't alone, even if I probably am to a point.

I don't know about this day, it was odd. Lots of volatile emotion from within my tired little brain. I guess that happens, lack of sleep and all. Crying in a grocery store.. I was on the verge of crying at the slightest inconvenience most of the day. Sleep deprivation can be a crazy crazy thing.