I just want to hold all of the broken hearted lovers and be a little piece of something in their universe that might possibly help console, soothe the intense hurt.

I just want to cradle the weeping, lost children, I need to feel their little heads against my chest sobbing and knowing that there is someone there that really truly cares, because I do.

I just want to be someone who makes the hurt seem a little less penetrating, and I want to be that someone for every single broken little human, every last tortured soul. It hurts me beyond words that this seems so impossible, but I never want to stop feeling it.

Compassion.. that is all that ever seems important to me. I can feel it for others solely because I know I've experienced it, in its truest, sweetest form, many times in my life.

It is but a dream, I suppose, that one day I might be able to be such a thing, a healer. When I'm gone, when I've left this little world.. I want to be that calming breeze that graces the universe only when it is most needed, and for no other reason than to remind everything, everyone that there is always someone, if present as nothing more than a silent force, that holds the most undying sort of compassion.

My little heart seems to ache tonight, though I've no real pain of my own.. if I could only use my words to hug all of the weary, dreamy little humans who just need someone to care (even the ones that won't admit to it).