I'd prefer to just keep my tired eyes open, to stay semi-alert into the night, the early morning hours, as I usually do. If I weren't feeling quite so sick, I'd sit up just thinking of you, letting thoughts drift in and out of my mind. I'd sooner delay a trip into dreamland, if it meant that you'd be here to hold, be there to comfort my swirling memories, this weary noggin'. I've my dreams custom-made by the sprite in the moon, so that they might always include you.

i'd never rest, and
the sleep sprites try
as they might to draw me in
would fail harshly, and be alone
wandering in their little world

i'd never lay 
my dream-strong head
upon the softest pillow
if being awake meant i
could touch your lips 
(softly, with my fingertips)

the trees, a dark shadow
and the moon smiles down
i wait to hear it whisper
that my dream is complete, and then

i fall asleep to be with you