Finding good nodes, it is like, finding a good movie, in a video store. You walk in there and you are so set to rent one of those amazing new releases you've been hearing about, with the catchy title and some famous actor, or an ingenius plot line. And then, you are staring and you're thinking, I've seen that one a million times over, I know I have but.. then, you are drawn, oddly, to the older section. To the forgotten film of yesterday, the old ones, not the classics, the standards, no, just.. some random movie that you have never seen. The title does not send shivers down your spine, you are not instantly impressed by a jacket layout that your younger sibling could have thrown together but..

you take a chance.

And you cry, or you laugh, or you feel, so hard, so much more than you ever have before.. or it is really awful, and you wish you'd picked up the latest Tom Cruise flick.

My point is, buried beneath the crap, overshadowed by some twisted popularity contest, there is so much achingly beautiful text on this god damn web site. There is no really great way to find it.. you just have to close your eyes, click, and hope for the best.