Great Big Sea are intensely crazy musicians, very talented, and they write some really upbeat amazing stuff. They've taken a lot of traditional east coast music and added an edge to it, made it more mainstream but kept some of the original sound making it pretty unique and a sort of cross between Celtic and Contemporary Rock.

It's been mentioned to me that GBS have a sort of cult following in NYC, and have played summerstage in Central Park. Aside from the fact that they're a really awesome band, I'm not sure why this is the case.

Discography (brief):

Great Big Sea (self-titled) - 1992, NRA Production
Up - 1996, Wea International
Play - 1997, Wea International
Rant and Roar - 1998, Sire
Turn - 2000, WEA
Road Rage (live), 2000, Rounder
Sea of No Cares, 2002, Zoe

The group consists of Alan Doyle (guitar, drums, vocals), John Benton, Sean McCann (tin whistle, bodhran), Bob Hallett (button accordion, fiddle and mandolin), and Darrell Power (bass). They've got a ton of energy and they seem to put it all into their music. I don't know how much recognition they've had in the United States, but they're very popular here in Canada, especially in Newfoundland.