First off, I'm completely against make-up for dozens of reasons. I've never worn it myself, see little point in doing so, and think it's kind of a stupid practice. Any way, here are some good reasons not to wear make-up, at least from my point of view:

- Many people are allergic, or at least, highly sensitive to the smell of make-up. They can't help this, but you can help them by not wearing it. Compassion, one good reason.

- Most people have no idea how to apply it "properly", so it looks absolutely ridiculous.

- There is no reason to wear it other than to hide your true self, and this is totally unnecessary. If you're doing it to gain acceptance, or enhance your physical appearance, don't bother. If you must, at least learn how you're actually supposed to use it.

- Many different make-up companies use animals for testing, and I'm not too entirely fond of this practice, especially when it is for something as incredibly useless as make-up.

- It's very expensive, I've noticed. If you've got spare cash, donate it to some charity so that it might benefit, instead of wasting it.

Of course, there are probably some valid reasons to use make-up, by all means, bring them to my attention if you wish. But as far as I'm concerned, it's just another one of those things the world could do without.

Update: Granted, some people may be scarred or something like that, and they might not be happy with the way that they look, but that's simply because there is so much value placed on physical apperance. That is sad in itself.