i was standing on the spoon and gazing across the table, staring longingly at a slice of pie, or rather a tiny morsel that had been left to sit on the edge of a plate. i was so caught up that i didn't notice the spoon lift, and it was only when i was sputtering and flailing my arms frantically in the milk that i was aware of what had happened. i swam for the nearest cheerio and wrapped my arms around the multigrain goodness that would save my life, if only for a time..

i could only stare off into space and thank some invisible, all powerful being that the cheerios were not of the honey variety, or i would have surely been stuck there.

i made a break for the side of the bowl before the spoon could be dipped into the treacherous depths again. i grabbed the rim and flung myself over onto the table where i lay sprawled out, soaking wet in what seemed like huge grains of sugar that had fallen before they reached their destination.

did someone say sleep deprivation?