Duuuuuude, I'm there! Is this going to be like, Moses's Ark and stuff? Do I get to bring two of every creature on the planet? Two EDB's, two spitting camels, two.. wait, wait man, who's bringing the wacky tobbacky? Moses was right you know, dude, we gotta get some cash and like, yeah!! I'm so way there, man.

Sorry, sorry. Couldn't resist. I'm there though, in a heartbeat, floating around the universe with the dreamiest little humans the world ever did hold, what more could anyone ask for? I'll be scouring the furniture today... and the pockets of random strangers. Only through pure dedication and the intense will to do so can we make this infinitely glorious dream a reality! (Either that, or we could all become criminal master minds and rob a few multi-national corporations that are just asking for it, any way.)

Oh, oh sweet sweet dreamy Everything Commune, how I long to experience thee in all your peaceful, serene greatness.

Has anyone else considered that this might be a really odd assortment of pirates? I mean, how many people can see a hamster wielding a sword, ruling the seas with an iron paw and the ferocity that only a rodent could muster? Hmm..

Still, I'm so there, dude.