I would, if it were possible, write down all the bits and pieces of the dream that I had last night, but.. I honestly can't remember it all, very sketchy.. certain things I remember vividly.

She's dead, everyone kept telling me she was dead and I thought it was my mom.. or my sister? I went into the kitchen, not any kitchen I've seen before, and she (someone, possibly my sister) had set up two chairs by a drop sheet which was a resting place for an odd shaped box. She was trying to wrap the box in garbage bags and so I helped. It was a coffin and.. she opened it, and a girl layed there, not very young or very old.. beautiful, but no one that I know. She lay with arms above, or beside her hair that lay haphazardly about as if it had been arranged and then.. a doll. Half of a naked doll lay beside her, just the upper half and no lower body, but was it just because it was covered that I didn't see one or because it was really gone? I can't remember that particular detail. We wrapped the clear garbage bags around the coffin and then.. she sat by the top and touched it and the girls head and arms fell gracefully from it, somehow. We wrapped it again..

I was in a high school.. it was the same dream with the same people but, there were terrorists, I guess.. I wasn't sure at times if I was one of them, or one of the students. They seemed to single me and a few others out. I was hitting them all with steel rods.. it seemed to kill them or at least slow them down, one good swing. I saw my favourite teacher once, but he seemed so distant, everyone did really even in the previously mentioned scene where upon we were all in the same room. I always seemed to be talking to myself because no one else was truly listening.. I didn't care, though.

This was before the high school bit, if I recall correctly, but I was in an apartment and it was really dreamy with big rooms and two bathrooms and it reminded me of a place we looked at once when we were considering moving out, only a lot nicer. Of all of the bits of my dream, this is the only one I can trace back to somewhere.. last night I was looking at pictures of a motel/hotel/inn from a URL that CowboyNeal or someone had posted in #everything. heh

There were quite a few other bits that I do remember, but this dream has not left me in the mood to care enough to write them.. maybe later, but probably not.