i bought a swimming pool for nine dollars, a plastic one that was fairly large, or so i thought (and it really was at first), but when i unfolded it the size was significantly decreased. i started filling it with water slowly, and then realized it was on the side of a busy street and had my little brother move it. he picked it up in his arms water and all and laughed because i'd said it was big but he was oh so strong (or so he thought). he walked to the sidewalk and then threw my pool out onto the road, because he wanted to look at something on the ground. i was angry because i thought he might have broken it, but it was okay, and thusly i dragged it onto the grass to commence filling once again. the cardboard it was in got soggy. it was barely large enough for even a small child to fit into at this point.

somehow the pool was not meeting my expectations so i decided to bring it into a little workshop, and in the end, though i don't remember anything in between.. my pool became a wooden box with water in it. it was much like a square rain barrell that had been sitting out for years. i still loved it, and still called it my swimming pool, but it was just a box. that's all, just a little wooden box.