emerging from a fever induced haze, i remember..

  • you were staying at my place, and we were hanging out, it was the house that we lived in before my life was turned completely upside down. we watched a movie, if i recall, and then you slept in the room that used to be my parents and i slept in my old bedroom, in a double bed, i think he was there, but i can't recall precisely. in the morning, you walked out into the hallway and i walked out too, and you asked if i wanted to see your pad. i kind of looked at you oddly, you lifted the corner of your frilly nightgown and it fell onto the floor in all its choo choo train lined glory. there was no blood on it, but it just layed on the floor there with red choo choo trains on it. then you proceeded to tell me that you like to do that on ferries, drop your pad onto the floor in front of people. i nodded and told you that was a good idea.
  • my other dream had much in common with the one i had last night, in that i was once again in my house being held hostage and terrorized to a point. there were a group of men, older, they looked kind of evil. i tried to call 911 on a cordless phone, but i kept dialing and it wouldn't work.. sometimes i'd hit 611, and other times no matter what i hit into the phone it came up as 74. it was driving me nuts.. i finally got through and then it was the wrong place. nothing seemed to be working. i remember having the address of my brothers apartment ready to tell them, even though the place we were was much larger than my brothers apartment. i asked my sister if she had the other cordless, she said yes, and handed me something i assumed to be the phone. i tried to hide it as one of the men came in and took away the cordless that wouldn't work. i got up and said i had to use the bathroom, they all made jokes at my expense as i sort of hopped to the bathroom trying to hide what my sister had given me. i got into the washroom only to discover she'd handed me a tube of hand cream.
  • after the hand cream incident (note that i tried to call using the tube of hand cream), i decided to flush the toilet to make it seem like i'd gone to the bathroom. then i wandered out... they made it clear that they were going to kill me then, me and a bunch of others. there was an old man and an older man.. thet slightly younger one killed his father and chased after me with his father hung by a hook (like the ones in meat lockers). i was freaked completely out.. just before he decided to kill me, the cast of 'that 70s show' burst in and he stopped. somehow they beat up all the guys, and we were free.
  • last dream, which i think was actually before the crazy people in the apartment dream.. i was in some house, somewhere, and i was back in high school. marc came up to visit me and somehow i missed the school bus that morning so i got the day off, and we were going to spend it together but he went somewhere for the day. i was kind of hurt and when he came back i was sitting outside somewhere. he had to get through a whole bunch of vines that almost tripped him to find me. he layed down beside me and i hugged him close. i don't remember anything else..

i've been having such peculiar, vivid dreams.. almost all have the same theme. hm..