odd dreams with.. jonathan, thieves trying to steal our things, and tom was there, as well. very peculiar. i woke up in a daze wondering where exactly dreamland had thurst my subconscious thoughts, but i suppose that's an unanswerable question.

still, there was a computer and i kept thinking, why don't you steal that, why are you only stealing the things that mean so much to us? four men, most scraggly except jonathan, who just appeared as himself, and was actually quite nice.

i kept trying to escape through the window, as i did not wish to be killed as appeared to be their intention after they completed the thievery.

i had to hurt people to get out, knocked them out temporarily with kicks to the head as i was climbing out small window and.. when i got up there i had to untie friends, sister, and then, pizza. why was there pizza all over the place? everyone was eating it.. i ate some, too. it was cold. i don't much like cold pizza but it seemed like the thing to do in the dream, even after i'd just finished narrowingly escaping a life threatening situation.

oh, and.. noder dreams abound, the dreamy little humansensei found a place in my sleepy thoughts last night, somehow.. only, so very very young. sensei was a child, but so infinitely wise and it was halloween.

i woke up to light and a ringing phone.