Actually, I had another everything2 dream, which is kind of neat. I had forgotten about it completely until just a few moments ago..

Being that I'm quite sick with a terribly sore throat and congestion (oh, shower me with pity, poor poor me) and I woke up several times throughout the night, it's amazing I actually had a dream at all, and more that I remember this particular one. Too bad it wasn't real..

I wrote this node, this dreamy poetic node that I really liked but didn't think that many others would, which didn't bother me too much. People have been softlinking stupid stuff to some of my poetry and I'd assumed they'd do it to this one, in my dream that is. It was a poem about nate and a girl, but I forget if the girl was a noder or not.. well, I hit sumbit and went away for a while, to somewhere, but I couldn't tell you where. A few moments later I returned and I saw that nate had sent me a little private message. It said something to the effect of my node was intensely beautiful and amazing, and I remember smiling a lot. He said that he'd expected the node to be less than even read-worthy when he saw the title (which escapes me at present), but that he loved it.

I really don't see that ever happening, but it was a neat dream, and it seemed so real, too. It's too bad I didn't have any other feverish dreams last night.. those always seem to be quite interesting.