i dreamt that my legs were covered in bruises, so many bruises and they hurt just a little bit, and everyone kept asking me how i managed to get so many. i told them that i wasn't sure and i tried to get someone to help me but no one believed me that i really had the bruises, at least not anyone that mattered.

i guess this isn't such a far-fetched
dream considering i've been trying to get
my mother to acknowledge the fact that i
have been bruising exceedingly easily as
of late. oh well..

as i was drifting off to sleep last night i heard a loud knocking sound in my dream, just one, sharp and quick and it woke me. it left me wondering if i heard it in real.land or dream.land.. i hate when that happens. it happened several other times. i think it was due to the nauseous feeling in my stomach and overall sicklyness of last night.