Last night I was bombarded with a series of completely insane dreams, with odd themes, strange people involved and bits of reality floating about.

The first I remember is being angry with my friend about some male she'd brought home (he'd brought his brother), and a girl I hated in high school trying to talk us through it. I've absolutely no idea why she would have been involved at all. Well, anyway, it was never resolved, I was still angry with her, and then.. she wrote a little poem in arabic about me. It was posted on a little poster outside of a store downtown (toronto, i think). I wish I could remember what the name of the other person at this point of the dream was.. someone remotely famous I think.. she called him ziggy I think but I couldn't be sure.

The next set of dream matter was crazy, insane. I was back in high school, you were there and we were at some bar off the side of the school drinking with some other people. There was a pretty blonde.. and you kept ignoring me for her. It was pissing me off, as I recall.. you were supposed to go get me a drink, but you went and got it then gave it to her accidentally. So I hopped over the bar seats and went away from there with some of my friends from high school. I walked over to a shelf and picked up a porcelain rabbit with red hair and a wreath on its head made of carrots. I started crying. It was Willow from Buffy then, that I saw in my mind and I cried and said I missed her so much. And then I looked at the price tag, $5.17, and said I was going to buy it with the five dollars in my pocket. (I really do have five dollars in my pocket). I have no idea where that dream went after that.. but..

The last dream I remember before waking up involved my favourite Aunt's husband's brother dying. I know his family but not well, and thusly couldn't even say which brother it was.. but everyone was back in a high school I went to in Manitoba. We were told that we could skip first class and go to a memorial in the gymnasium. So me and a friend I had back in high school, Tracy, went.. but not before the procession into the place that included his dad, sister, cousin, mother and some other assorted people I met at their wedding. People were shaking hands, my dad hit my hands with flyswatters and I thought it was soo hilarious that I started laughing and felt so inappropriate. Another uncle on my mom's side was grinning at the door because I was laughing but I soon held it back as to not appear disrespectful. They were all dressed in what appeared to be Jewish religion type stuff.. but they're Italian, so I'm not entirely sure *why*.

Well, when we got into the gymnasium, they sang some song in hebrew (not that I know any hebrew), and I talked to my friend a bit. Some people were using the memorial thing as a way to finish up homework before first class, and I thought that was really selfish but that my uncle's brother who the memorial was for would have been doing the same thing if it were someone else. Then they decided to play a film of some sort which I figured would be dedicated somehow.. but at first it was just commercials. I kept wondering why on earth they'd have commercials at a memorial assembly. Some strange looking dork type stood up in front of the white screen the film was showing on and read part of the advertisements that were missing sound. Strange.. I never saw the rest of the film because..

..I woke up.