I was in high school, once again, but I already knew you. I decided to go on a four day trip with the school, a football team thing where some girls got to go for whatever reason. We were to stay in a hotel somewhere..

We all got on the bus, I sat in the first seat with someone but I can't place exactly who it was now. I was thinking to myself I wish there were more people I knew on the trip, and just then the last passenger got on the bus. It was my friend valerie, but she had on a disguise.. a moustache, and her hair was dyed a warm brown colour. I laughed because I knew it was her right away, and I said hello and we talked for a while. It was amusing.

We got to wherever it was we were going, an uneventful trip, and then we all streamed out. We were divided up oddly I thought, because as soon as we got off the bus someone said, "Your parents are waiting for you by the rooms you will be staying in." And I kept thinking that there was no way my parents could be there, they were too busy.. and they weren't there. Me and some others ended up sharing a room and subsequently a bathroom.

It's been too long since I woke up, thusly some details are hazey, but I do remember at one point sitting in front of a mirror, and talking to some girl I don't know perched atop the side of the bathtub looking sick. (The bathtub was behind me..) She was playing with her hair and inadvertantly catching mine at the same time..

I remember coming out of the bathroom in the dream and walking to a little black and white tv to wash my hands. Then I mentioned how I wished there were a computer around somewhere so that I could use e-mail.

That's all I remember for now..