it saddens me that of all the people i have tried to be for, all of the broken little humans, the one i want to help the most always seems so caught up in it all that nothing i can say ever sways him. that is why i don't say so much to you anymore.. i am not sorry i haven't been able to help, but only because i think what you need is to come to terms with yourself. it is probably something little floating in your head that holds you.. it is in the head of anyone who is mostly sane, or as sane as the universe might permit at any given moment.

he will be here in nine days, nine leetle days.. christmas is swiftly approaching but there is very little to suggest such stuff in this house. no one is in any sort of christmas'y spirit, i guess it would help if any of us were religious or had money for present type things. heh i'm going to haul out christmas decorations at some point... today? maybe.. who knows. i need to clean my room, as well. i'll give that a little longer..

i am not so sure as to why i even felt like daylogging.. nothing overly interesting. sorry aboot that. it's been snowing here though, so much snow, but the sun is out today and that at least is nice.

nothin' ever left to leave you when you go..