Some of the major events include:

Steer Wrestling
Saddle Bronc
Bull Riding
Calf Roping
Chuckwagon Races

Interestingly enough, there is really only one Calgary Stampede event for women, and that is Barrell Racing. I don't think any of the females really mind, because I doubt there are many crazy enough to ride an enraged bull around for 8 seconds. (he-he..) There are numerous rounds in each portion of the rodeo, and they are eventually narrowed down to four competitors who go up for the 50,000 dollar grand prize.

I don't particularly like the fact that they slam the poor animals down, it's really kind of senseless.. whilst still being entertaining, I feel kind of.. dirty.. after watching it. There doesn't seem to be any really great reason to torment poor little calves or sinch the kidney's of animals so that they kick and go nuts. Whatever floats your proverbial boat, I suppose..

Cowboys are so dreamy, sometimes, if not a bit strange. They profiled one on Stampede 2000 who cut his finger nearly off in his workshop and didn't feel like going 2 hours to the hospital, so waited until the next day. (He used duct tape I believe..) They called him "tough".. I just thought that was a bad idea. Infection and the like, you know?