Perhaps one of the strangest things they've done with genetic alteration yet, implanting spider genes in goats. I mean, come on, that's just entirely too twisted. I suppose they aren't hurting anything.. at least not yet, just wait until we've got eight-legged venomous goats running around, then they'll be sorry.

Any way, this BioSteel stuff is kind of a neat idea, aside from the insanity that is biotechnology in general. What they've done is put the gene that leads to silk production in spiders, into goats, and in turn the milk they produce will have some special form of protein in it. From this protein, they'll be able to produce a material known as BioSteel which will be used in the production of bullet proof vests, aerospace and medical supplies. The elasticity and strength of spider silk is pretty unique, and the fact that it's lightweight makes it even more useful.

This goat operation is going to be in upstate New York somewhere, and they've got a little less than 200 goats with the gene now. Ah, the crazyness of it all.. I just really don't want to be around when the whole thing goes terribly wrong. Then, instead of biotechnology headlines, it will be, "CRAZY FU#$*IN' GOAT SPIDER TERRORIZES NEW YORK!". Oh sure, they say, there's no danger, no, nothing to worry about.. we'll see about that.