Matthew Good Band, fourth album. I just bought it today, and I've not done such stuff in a long while, actually purchased product. (It is very rare that I've any cash.) It was released in '99, but it is new to me, so new for the most part but I fell in love with Strange Days what seems like oh so long ago. It is nice to just sit back and listen to, or to write.. to write and to spill text, while the sound slips into your leetle ears. The lyrics on this album are nothing short of intense and pushing, so much emotion in text.. the words seem almost scattered, beautifully so. There are strings, they are amazing.


you are here beginning and you are confused, the music starts and there is cheering and then, guitars and the sound, just the sound. you are drawn in.

hello time bomb
singing along or, sitting and staring because intensity. thrown and did you cry for the lost? it holds you there, you can't turn away and you are afraid to blink as if sound might be missed with open eyes.

strange days
they are. you will cry if you can string together potent images, if you can let the music draw pictures in your head.

i miss new wave
down. soft and slow, pain. this is the way that hurt should be.

load me up
up? faster and starting strong to feed you.. there is nothing so poignant and nothing to hurt or feel so much and, numb. you can be numb now.

failing the rorschach test

tears.. every time, tears. and i could cry, i do cry, every time it finds its way into my head. i could not say why, precisely, it just feels, too much.

let's get it on

jenni's song

going all the way

a boy and his machine gun
words.. words. i love these words.

the future is x-rated

born to kill

running for home
the end. appropriately, the end.. this last track is so dreamy.


Matt Good wrote all of the lyrical content.. what I would not give to slip into his head even for a bit. His voice is most intoxicating, as well. This album, is amazing.

as an end note, of sorts, the reason that i am noding so many of the lyrics, is simply because i think they are aching intense beautiful amazing and that they should be read by all. you are of course, entitled to your own opinion.. but they are so so good, and i am taking the time to node them in what i feel is an interesting format. i will be adding personal notes to the lyrics, as well. (remain calm, do not let the utter anticipation get the best of you.)