For some reason, it feels like the only place I could possibly spill my thoughts of present is.. here. I'm sure I could probably wander upstairs and scrawl them in my black book with the beautiful blank pages, but, something seems to suggest that here is the only place where such things belong.

I started this day very well, I think.. riding my bike around a dimly lit driveway, watching.. nothing, absolutely nothing and loving it. I sat there, too, on the cool ground after laying my coat as to not cover my pants completely in moist sand and a sort of dust that normally wouldn't be present under such conditions. It's as if.. it is a dust that can exist only at that one point when the air is damp, so damp that you can feel it, but it also has a warmth about it. I love that.. I think that I live for early morning hours like these.

I've this feeling that the perfect thing to do is just lay my head upon my arm and sit. I've done it many times tonight, because I am tired but it isn't the typical need for rest. My eyes, they're sleepy but not so much that they must be closed. I feel, though, as if I've lost the rigid tense feeling in my body and a head turned completely side ways, looking at the world from some skewed perspective, is the perfect way to be.

I was going to ride down the hill out back.. it's odd how I can see all the way down even though the moonlight has to find its way through some amazing misty fog. In the end, I decided not to bother with going down the hill only because this night looks like winter. Everything looks as if it has a thin layer of snow over it.. and though I am not particularly looking forward to winter, I almost wish there was just that very soft, light, dreamy white stuff laying about. Of course, without the cold.

Though I don't feel like ammending it at present, I've just had this idea for Feature Request for Universe 2.0. I would like to be able to pick and choose the little bits of every season that I love, and when they might happen along. Snow during summer, but just in the littlest bit and with the warm air still around. Spring mixed with fall, opposing seasons but.. would it be a good idea to do something similar to that? I'm not so sure, really, though it would seem a good idea in theory. I might tend to think that the spring thaw would lose its intense appeal if it could happen any time, and I don't think anything would be quite so lovely as it is when it happens at the proper time. But, back to the night, seeing as I've wandered off into some strange area that I'd not previously intended to.. I was almost afraid of the way everything looked. Also, I'm quite sure the bats are out in full force and though they probably wouldn't bother with me, it's a bit eerie to have them swoop past your face incessantly.

It's one a.m., and though I'm not actually that tired, just a bit drowsy, I think that I shall wander off to bed, slip into dreamland and try to find you there.