just tryin' to get myself some gravity...
           you're just trying to get me to stay.
thinkin' i been waiting for way too long
           i'm thinkin' about getting out...       
This is one of those days where I sit here and watch my fingers and wonder whose brain some of this stuff might be coming from because it surely doesn't seem like mine. I guess I feel.. detached, distant, all things along such lines of some sort of thought, circular recurring thought patterns that just keep spinning and spinning.

I rested my head in my hands just now and my face felt so small for some reason.. as if there was nothing there, it just didn't seem like me. I haven't told anyone, really, but my stomach has been getting sore again, like it did at Christmas.. too much stressing, I think. I'm tempted to just take off to the hill and sit alone for a while tonight, try to sort some things out. Very little is making any sense right now.. very little, except you.. you always make sense.

things are getting worse, but i feel a lot better, and that's all that really matters to me..

I'm not sad, really, just stressed.. stressed and worried and I wish it were so easy as everyone makes it sound sometimes. Maybe it is. We'll see..